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N had a shy smile upon his face, he was happy to have heard Touko's words, it felt as if he was dreaming but he knew all too well that this was reality. But even so, N knew that he would have to prove to Touko that he would be a trustworthy and reliable friend. He would just have to give it time just like any other friendship would.

Touko took a moment to reposition herself on N's hands, sure his hands felt very soft and warm but still. Being in a giant's hands was something she had not yet grown used to. 

"Hey N, if you didn't mind, could I stay here for awhile?" Touko asked. She looked away from him and focused her attention on the boxes that were either scattered across the room or put up in numerous stacks she knew he had plenty of work that had to be done and didn't want to be in the way. 

N just chuckled softly. "Don't worry, I have plenty of time to unpack. Its not like I have a deadline" N said, he slowly lowered Touko down to the cushion of the sofa and stood up. "Its about time I made lunch, would you like anything in particular?" N asked. Touko smiled and shook her head. "I-I'm fine" She said, not wanting to feel guilty about eating N's food but her lie was uncovered when her stomach began to growl. 

N tried to hold back a laugh and managed to succeed in his attempt, not wanting to sound rude in front of his new friend. "Nice attempt at lying but there is no need, I highly doubt you would eat much to make a dent in my stock, just wait here. I won't be long" N said. 

Touko felt a blush of embarrassment trying to appear as she tried to speak up. "Alright, thank you very much" She said. 

Touko waited quietly, sitting down with her back against the pillows of the sofa. She took this moment to look around this part of N's house, which was in the process of being decorated. Nothing in particular stood out until her eyes spotted a picture hanging on one of the walls, it was framed to prevent damage and hung there by itself. 

The picture showed a little boy, he had tea green hair, grayish-blue eyes and a broadly grin on his face. Touko knew that must've been N when he was younger. Beside him a woman that looked to be in her mid-thirties had the child N in her arms. Her hair was also green but was lighter but resembled N very much.

In Touko's observation she saw that the two in the picture was in a city, skyscrapers were shown in the background. Touko couldn't help but ask herself why N wanted to come to a town like this in the first place. Touko had never been to one of the giant cities and she imagined herself flipping out if she was alone in a place like that, practically everything would overwhelm her since she would be the tiniest person there. 

But back to the subject, she knew that the giants who were able to live in one of those cities lived good lives, they had plenty of money and a stable life. But why would N come here of all places. 

Touko just shrugged it off, if there was one quality that was bad about herself it was her curiosity. But it wasn't half as bad as Bianca's curiosity is. Speaking of which, Touko wondered how she was doing in school so far. Touko felt guilty by skipping school since Bianca felt nervous and alone without her around due to everybody else acting mean to her and avoiding her. Touko wished that her fellow classmates would grow up and stop excluding people but that wouldn't happen for some time now.


N stood in thought beside of the kitchen's refrigerator, he was confused as to what to make for Touko. A sigh escaped his lips, what would she like? And most importantly how was she going to eat it? N didn't mind their size difference but it was certainly making a plain task of making lunch complicated. 

"Maybe I should just make something simple" He said to himself softly before opening the refrigerator, he didn't make a decision yet but maybe looking through what he had in stock would help him get an idea. And he wanted to be quick too so that Touko wouldn't be waiting for him longer than she already had to. 

After a long moment of thinking he finally decided to make Touko and himself grilled cheese sandwiches, he figured that he could just cut a decent portion that Touko was able to eat. N went over to turn the stove on and prepared to gather all the necessary items to make it.

N took his time to properly make the sandwiches, he wanted to make sure that it didn't get burned or overcooked. He had a small smile on his pale face, he was happy to finally have a friend here, he wanted to get back to Touko as soon as possible, so far he knew a little bit about her past. He remembered how she had explained everything to him and N was strong enough to hold back his tears of sorrow for her, he wanted to be strong her for in that moment and didn't want those feelings to get the best of him during that situation. 

N felt that things were looking up for him, he just wish that he decided to move here sooner. It took bravery to finally tell his father the news about his choice to live independently, it took bravery for Touko to admit the truth to N and he felt moved and inspired by her honestly.

But sadly that smile on his face was interrupted, he began to cough. At first he tried to keep it quiet but his sickness was was getting the upper hand. N clung his hand to his chest and turned away from the stove. His breathing got heavy and the coughs continued to get violent.

N made an attempt at holding back the coughs as he got the bottle of pills that sat on the counter. He took no time to swallow two of the pills. After doing so N took a brief moment to get himself together. He pushed some stray green locks out of his eyes and catch his breath.

'It looks like I won't get better anytime soon' N thought to himself, 'But I guess I should be happy that I haven't gotten weak or sick as often as I did back in the city' he added, trying to think positive thoughts. He had to accept that his health wouldn't get better so soon, it will be awhile until he'll see an improvement.

N walked back to the stove, seeing that the sandwich was done he turned the switch the stove to off and prepared to get back to Touko, who was looking at the sketchbook that lied on the coffee table in front of her. it showed N's latest drawing that portrayed a calm scene of the town.

"Hello, I'm back Touko!" N asked, his voice was full of shyness but still caused Touko to jump, she didn't expect him to be back now, in fact she didn't hear him walking over to her. 

"S-sorry, I didn't mean to frighten you" N said quite frantically.

"Don't worry, I was just surprised was all" Touko started, a smile upon her face. N noticed it and felt relieved, but made a mental note to not be so loud around her. 

The brunet stood up from her spot and looked up with N with her sapphire eyes looking into his. "Are you alright? You look pretty pale and I heard you coughing pretty violently, you don't have a you?" Touko said, N was caught off guard by her question.

He didn't want her to know about his condition, he felt that she was probably emotionally exhausted from earlier, besides he didn't want to give anyone to waste their time constantly worrying about him. 

"Oh I'm fine, my allergies get really bad during this time of year so its not anything serious" N said, lying to cover up the truth from her. Touko wanted to think that it was more than just a case of allergies but she recalled that she learned that giant's and human's experience health problems and sickness's differently when she was studying epidemiology during school.

"But I should be alright now, I already took some medicine for it" N sat down beside Touko on the sofa and reached his hand down to give her her part of the sandwich, Touko happily accepted it. 

"Oh I haven't had these in so long" Touko cheered. "Everytime Bianca would try to make sandwiches like these she would always find a way to burn them" Touko bit into the sandwich and was impressed that it was properly cooked. 

"Bianca...that's the blond haired girl...right?" N asked, Touko nodded. "Yep that's her, her and I have known each other for a pretty long time, she would have probably come here with me but she is in school at the moment" Touko explained.

"Speaking of school, why aren't you there right now? Or have you already graduated?" N said before taking a moment to take a bite of his sandwich. 

"I didn't get enough sleep so I took the day off, it sounds pretty lazy but I try my hardest to get good grades and try attend each day" Touko said. "But while were on the subject how old are you? Sorry...if I sounded rude about asking such an personal question"

N chuckled "I get this all the time so its fine, I'm nineteen. And yourself?" N asked

"Seventeen, I'll be eighteen in a couple of months" Touko answered, she had to admit, he was defiantly not expecting for him to be so young but was happy to hear that they were almost the same age. 

Both N and Touko spent the rest of the time in the living room by eating and taking, asking each other questions and just getting to know each other. Once they were finished N had looked out of the nearby window and saw that it was beginning to rain, Touko could also hear the sound of raindrops hitting the roof. "There is no way were going out in that kind of weather" N said, he didn't want Touko getting sick and refused to risk himself to worsen his health issues today.

So the two had agreed on watching a movie, they spent their time watching 'My Neighbor Totoro' Sure it was an old movie, but both N and Touko held love for this movie and the rest of the movies made by studio ghibli. 


Bianca walked by herself with a green umbrella that had white polka dots all over it. School had finally ended and she was happy to finally be away from that place, now she could finally go and visit Touya since Touko was not at her house as of right now. 

The giant's part of the town was quiet with only the sound of rain being heard. Bianca walked until she passed by N's house. The blond girl remembered that she would take some time to visit the new giant and maybe the rain would stop during her visit. 

The girl smiled and walked to the front of the door. "Now how I'm I going to get his attention?" Bianca asked herself. She saw that some vines were growing against the house and luckily some of them grew beside of where the doorbell was located. Bianca took her time to climb up the vine until she was able to reach the doorbell. She used one arm to hold herself against the vine and the other one to press the doorbell. 

The girl waited until she got an answer, the girl hurried down the vine and stood at the doorway, a smile of excitement crept onto her face. 

The door opened, revealed the green haired man from yesterday. "Helloooo!" Bianca greeted cheerfully from down below. "Oh hello there, your Bianca if I'm not mistaken, right?" Bianca nodded. "I bet some of your giant friends told you about me! Yeah I'm Bianca, and its nice to see you again mister-" 

Bianca grew silent when she heard a small sneeze, it wasn't N but instead the person who was sitting against N's shoulder. 

"N, your hair is pretty but its a bit too much for me" Touko giggled, pushing the stray green locks away from her face. "Touko? Wow, you've been here this whole time?" Bianca asked, she thought she was dreaming. Touko, being with a giant by herself? She didn't expect her to even consider doing this so early.

Bianca even made sure she was awake by pinching herself. "Well yeah, I didn't know that you were out of school already. But its nice that your here" She smiled. 

Bianca couldn't contain her excitement. Touko asked N to put her down where Bianca was and he did just that, but as soon as Touko's feet met solid ground, Bianca pulled the girl into a tight hug, leaving her umbrella on the wet grass.

"Oh my dear Touko! I'm so proud of you! I just thought you were sick today but never did I expect you to face a giant so soon!" Bianca cheered in pur happiness

"Whoa Bianca, your hurting me again, I know that your proud of me but this is too much" Touko said with a nervous laugh.

The rain had finally come to a stop and the clouds were slowly beginning to move, allowing the blue sky and sun to slowly be uncovered. But while Touko and Bianca were busy celebrating they were unaware of Cheren, who was watching the moment from afar, a frown of annoyance and jealousy was stuck on his face.

Oh my Arceus, I'm so sorry for the long wait everyone, I've been very busy with requests and school so I had to work on this when I had the spare time throughout this week xD

I tried to make this chapter a little bit longer than the others, and having writer's block did not make that easy. Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1] 

I know the last chapter was full of feels so I tried to not make this one as depressing xD but we do have a brief moment of N and his illness. Man, I know how you feel N, I've been sick for most of last week and the week before ;w; 

Anyway I hope you guys enjoy this and expect some jealous Cheren in the next chapter Pikachu waves 
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SpirtOfTheSilvrWolf Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2014  Hobbyist Writer

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Writer's block really is the worst thing to ever exist. I hate it.

I can't wait for next time! Pikachu wave 

WatairDragon Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
"After a long moment of thinking he finally decided to make Touko and himself filled cheese sandwiches, he figured that he could just cut a decent portion that Touko was able to eat. N went over to turn the stove on and prepared to gather all the necessary items to make it."  Grilled* Cheese Sandwiches?
MonochromeSky16 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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JeremyX2000 Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2014  Student Writer

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MonochromeSky16 Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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