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Cheren walked away from the scene he just saw with his head down low, walking through the wet grass and occasional puddles of rainwater. His usual sharp midnight blue eyes held disbelief and confusion. 'Why?' Cheren started. 'I was just seeing things right? I mean, this isn't the Touko I know' Cheren was in denial and he wasn't one to often feel this way. In fact Cheren always kept his cool and barely showed his weak side.

'What happened to her? I haven't seen her for a couple of days and this happens to her?!" Cheren turned back, he was still able to hear Bianca's cheerful voice, causing Cheren to frown and his eyes narrowed in anger. 

'Of course, it was that ditsy Bianca. This is so typical of her to do'

He blamed this on Bianca. Who else would have influenced her to change? He thought that Touko was wise enough to not listen to Bianca but it seems he was mistaken; the girl who loved giants more than her own kind, she was nothing but carefree but he knew that one day that quality would lead to her to regret and misfortune. 

As Cheren continued to get further and further away from where Touko was, he could see the presence of giants that minded their own business, to them Cheren was just another visitor but to Cheren the giants were nothing but a menace that shouldn't have the privilege to be treated like humans do and he had his reasons for holding that belief. 

Cheren's little train of thought had come to an end, he felt footsteps that were getting closer and closer but Cheren wasn't startled or surprised, in fact he was used to it. He assumed it was a passerby giant so he didn't give it any thought, or at least until he finally glanced up at him, but that quick glance turned into a nasty glare


"I wonder how Bianca is doing" Touya said to himself, the brunet had just gotten out from his job for the day and was on his way home. Since it was the start of the week he was expecting to see Bianca at his house, waiting for him like she regularly did when he was done with his shift.

He saw that there were puddles scattered across the ground and the sky which still had gray clouds lingering in it. He hoped that Bianca didn't come all the way here in the rain just for him. But knowing her, she wouldn't want to stay at her part of the town. The girl had enough issues with being bullied and teased by classmates, because of that Touya usually worried for her during the days where she had to go to school. Bianca never admitted this but Touya could tell that she felt more comfortable and at ease around him than she did with other humans or other giants for that matter. 

Touya stretched his arms, he felt tired yet relieved to finally be able to spend the rest of his day in the comfort of his home. He made a mental note to drink something that provided plenty of caffeine just in case he did get a visit from his little friend. He remembers how he worked overtime one day in order to have enough money to help with bill payments. On that day Bianca came by to hang out with him but it turned out differently for Touya due to the fact that he feel asleep while him and Bianca watched 'Adventure Time' Touya woke up to see Bianca still by his side with the usual adorable smile on her face. He remembered apologizing over and over again but like always Bianca didn't make a big deal about it, she even told him how adorable he was when he slept. 

Touya held in a blush while walking, thinking of Bianca gave him butterfly's in his stomach. But unfortunately his trip down memory lane was interrupted by a presence that he didn't expect to deal with today.

He looked down to see a human, but this wasn't any ordinary passerby. But someone that Touya held a deep grudge for, someone that was capable of making Touya's blood boil. 

"You do know its rude stare, right Cheren?"  Touya said, those cold blue eyes shot daggers at the giant, making him feel a tad uneasy. 

Cheren rolled his eyes, "Must I really waste my time with you? Forgive me but I have more important things to do, besides why would I want to waste any of my time with a monstrous giant?" Cheren said with venom in his voice. Touya felt the urge to give this guy a piece of his mind. Feeling offended by those unpleasant words.

But he remember the promise he made to Bianca a long time ago and held in his rage. 

'Thank you for standing up for me Touya, but...' Bianca's words trailed off, her soft green eyes turned away and stared downward. 'Next time you see Cheren please don't cause any conflict' She said with a quivering voice. 

'I don't understand Bianca, after all he has done to you why would you let him off easy?" Touya asked, confused by Bianca's decision, he knew she was kind-hearted but this was too much. There was no way that Bianca would forgive Cheren after what happened.

Bianca had tears forming, stinging her eyes as she glanced up at her concerned friend. She lifted her arm and wiped the tears away before they had the opportunity to stream down. But in this moment Touya could see a couple of light bruises. Bianca saw Touya's surprised face and tried to hide the bruises with her hand, her eyes were full of melancholy.

It was obvious, Cheren had confronted Bianca and harmed her in the process. He wanted to stand up for both himself and Bianca even after all the time that has passed by, Bianca might have been able to forget and forgive but not Touya. all the but it wasn't worth having the outcome of causing Bianca grief again. Despite the fact that Cheren was the cause of Bianca's pain Touya blamed himself for being so careless and not being there to stand up for the girl.  kept it in hesitantly. He refused to stoop to Cheren's level, he refused to act similar to this guy who caused Bianca so much grief.

It didn't take long for Touya to reach his house, and he was still trying to get over the conflict between him and Cheren.

"Touya!, there you are!" A cheerful Bianca sang, she stood at the front door like she always did. Touya faked a smile and waved down at her. 
"Good afternoon Bianca, I hope you didn't walk all the way here in the rain" Bianca smiled and shook her head. "Its alright, it stopped raining and besides I do have my trusty umbrella with me. But that isn't what is important right now-" Bianca began but noticed something was off about Touya, her smile disappeared as she tried to figure it out. She could tell that he wasn't in the best of moods today. 

"Touya did something happen at your job today? You look rather troubled" Bianca pointed out. Touya proceeded to pick up Bianca, he laid his hand in front of her and allowed her to step onto in, he waited until she sat on his open palm and lifted her up. "It was just nerve-racking, some of the customers we had were acting snooty and rude to me and the other employees"  Touya decided to go along with Bianca's assumption, but felt bad for telling her a lie but he also knew it would be for the best; Bianca was finally over that guy and what he did to her so he figured that it would be smart to not inform her of what happened in order to avoid stirring up memories from the past. 

"Let don't let that get to you, people are known for being rude. Sometimes its best to just get past that fact" Bianca said, she thought about school today, being alone without Touko was pretty hard, and having to deal this Cheren earlier this morning wasn't really how Bianca wanted her day to start. 

"But were together now so let's get inside and forget about all of that, alright" Bianca smiled, attempting to change the mood. Touya smiled and agreed with her. "Your right, I guess I was just making a big deal about it, besides your here now which always brightens my day" Touya opened the door, it would be best to get inside. He couldn't risk Bianca seeing Cheren in this part of the town. He wanted to make sure she was happy, even if it did mean hiding the truth. 


"N please, you really don't have to walk me home" Touko said, she was sitting on N's shoulder again, clinging on to the fabric of his black turtleneck firmly. N smiled softly and turned his head to see the tiny girl. "And what kind of friend would I be if I let you stroll out by yourself" His gaze turned up to the sky "Besides it could rain again its best to be safe than sorry" He added. 

"Well when you put it that way I guess you have a point" Touko said bashfully. After she spoke a brief moment of awkward silence filled the area, N felt himself blush in embarrassment. 'What should I say to her? i don't want her to feel uncomfortable or weird by being silent' N worried to himself. He tried to think of a topic he could talk to her about, but he didn't really know the girl that well yet to know her likes and dislikes. 

"Whoa" N said in a panic, he was too caught up in his train of thought to see that there was a rather big tree root in his path causing him to almost loose his balance, luckily he managed to get back on his two feet. "Touko, you alright?!" The giant felt his heart beating rapidly as he turned to check on her, hoping that she was still on his shoulder and not on the cold wet ground. 

Touko clutched onto the collar of N's turtleneck hanging on tightly for dear life even after N recovered from his lack of balance, her eyes were closed tightly and her breathing was heavy. When she heard the sound of his voice, she heard concern and distress in his voice, she was startled but was reminded of how he cared for her safety.

N saw her sapphire blue eyes looking directly at him. "Touko, I'm so sorry. I'm usually not that clumsy" N said with panic. 

He reached over to Touko and brushed through her brown hair with his fingertips, eased her scared state even more as she collected herself.

"Its not your fault, accidents happen N" Touko smiled, enjoying his touch, it gave her that sense of comfort that she had felt earlier today. "Accident or not I shouldn't have been so careless" N said back, Touko noticed a hint of sadness lingering in his gray eyes. He was taking this little mistake to heart and Touko felt sorry for her new friend. It was as if he looked down on himself alot, even back when he found Touko lost in the forest he seemed to lack confidence in himself during these moments. It reminded her of herself and her hiding from any giant that wandered by or tried to talk to her. She was ashamed and only worsened the way she viewed herself

N felt himself blush in surprise, not expecting Touko's sudden attempt of comfort. "Don't be so hard on yourself, 

Touko stood up from her spot and reached for the side of N's face, hugging him. Or rather attempting to hug him. She felt awkward and embarrassed but he didn't want him to share the same self-steam issue as she did. 

"T-Touko?" N stuttered. At that moment Touko let go of him. "Sorry if I made you uncomfortable, it just hurts me to see you like that" Touko admitted avoiding eye contact. 

N felt a warm and fuzzy feeling that he never really felt before, it was more like a rarity to him. But despite the fact that he was new to this feeling he enjoyed it.

"No, its quite alright" N said, his voice was soft and rather shy now. He collected himself and began to walk again the two saw that they were arriving at Touko's part of the town. "I appreciate you caring to cheer me up Touko, and sorry for overreacting. Its a pretty bad habit of mine" N said, a gentle smile on his face.

At that moment N felt drops of rain fall onto his skin. Raindrops that began to increase in number by the passing seconds. It wasn't raining hard, it was more of a drizzle. N didn't want Touko to get her clothes wet and potentially get sick. So he slowly put her in the palm of his hand and used the other hand to shelter her away from the rain until he reached her house.

"This is the one, right?" N asked to be sure. "Yep were here" Touko said, N got down to his knees and placed Touko on the ground, she felt the wet grass brushing up again her legs and soaking her shoes and reminded her of how N might feel in the rain. "I hope I can see you tomorrow Touko, that is if you don't have anything else planned" N said, he didn't show it but he hoped that she would say yes. She was his first friend, he had never had someone to talk to other than his family and he didn't want to lose that. 

"Of course N, I'll come see you after school. But you should get home, I know your a giant but that doesn't mean your vulnerable to the weather" Touko said. N smiled as a way to assure her that he was fine but in reality this rain could worsen his health so he had to get out of it. "Well then I'll be awaiting your arrival then little one" N said, standing up preparing to leave

"W-wait" Touko tried to say, grabbing N's attention. "Thank you for everything today, I hope you have a safe trip home" Touko managed to say with gratitude, N felt that warm fuzzy feeling again but smiled, it seemed that the two were on the road towards a great friendship but the two were unaware of the problems that would soon arise. 
Oh sweet Arceus, its been a month since I've updated and I apologize for the long waitLlama Emoji 34 (Sexy Smile) [V2] 

School has been more and more distracting. Right now I'm working on a play, a film project, and that dumb senior project ;w; But in order to take care of all of this and still do the fanfiction. I'll type pieces of each chapter a day instead of typing it all in a day like I usually do. 

Anyway, we are almost at chapter 10 and I consider that a milestone because usually I don't continue my fanfictions but I really want to continue this, the comments, feedback, and art I've been getting for this story also influencing me to become better with my writing so thank you all Emoji02 
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I really did hate Cheren. I always thought of him as the oddball in the group that no one needed or liked... just like team rocket. Team Rocket (Intro) [V1] 

I love N. He is so... adorable, cute, squishy(in a good way) and the cutest think you could think of! Riolu La 

It makes me sad thinking about N's health. Everyone in my family, even me, has bad health, so I'm sure its a scary thing for him. I know it is for me... :crying: rvmp 

Ok, this was a pretty good chapter, but I can't wait for N and Touko to have those 'special moments'. :KnowWhatIMean?: 
MonochromeSky16 Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Actually I like Cheren xD but I see him as being really uptight and mean and cocky. Well at least the Cheren from the first black and white games did, he really got mature in the sequels Emoji03 

I do too, N is too precious ;w; and yeah I know some friends that have health problems and my aunt does too, she has asthma so she gets sick often :( and oh lord I feel bad for N too and I'm the one writing this stuff xD

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Thank you my friend :) I'm glad you enjoyed it
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Well, I have to go with you there, Cheren did mature quite a lot on the sequels. But I'm not really sure why I see him being such a pain.
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Yes, there is a lot of feels, but I enjoy a good story that makes me cry. Not many things can, but this story can, so I know I'm enjoying it.

Anyways, you're very welcome!
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